1:PL insurance complete

Seawalker equipment has been patented in major countries including Japan and the United States. With unrivaled quality testing and “accident-free” operation results for more than 30 years since the start of sales, we are fully equipped with manufacturer liability insurance (PL), providing great peace of mind to operators.

2:Instructor course

We will provide instructor courses for your staff (PADI Dive Master and above) for at least 4 days, and in addition to on-site operation methods, we will also provide training on how to attract customers and marketing methods. Also, please leave the after-sales follow-up after opening.

3:Helmet features

The helmet is designed with the highest priority on the balance of weight in the water, and even if it falls on the bottom of the water, the helmet itself is made with an ultra-low center of gravity so that it can stand straight, so you can enjoy the water with confidence. In addition, the field of view is 180 degrees to the left and right and 140 degrees to the top and bottom so as not to give a space inside the helmet, so stress can be minimized and you can enjoy a sufficient sense of presence in the water.。

4:Backup air source

In the unlikely event that the air supply from the compressor stops, the seawalker’s backup air source is the air source in the compressor tank, the spare scuba tank that is always connected to the air supply device, and the air in the helmet. Because of this, you can safely ascend as usual without rushing.